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Wet Your Plants

Nov 26, 2017

What's that on your plant? Is it cotton candy? Is it a piece of paper towel? Oh no! It's mealybugs!! But fear not, in this episode Cara, Emma and Lucia talk about what they are and how to manage your new unwanted leaf loaders. 


Antonio Forte:

Nov 13, 2017

This week we get to talk to artist Lucia Monge about her on-going project "Planton Movil".

Lucia Monge:

Suzanne Simard's TED talk:

Antonio Forte:

Oct 23, 2017

Big box stores are all across America, and for some are the only places available to find a green friend. So how do you weed out the duds and bring home a winner? This week we find out!

Antonio Forte:

Oct 9, 2017

Tales of plant murder, with special guest Debbie Blaine.

Antonio Forte:

Oct 2, 2017

Two plants that are often mistaken for each other. How different are they really? This week Cara, Emma and Lucia explore the differences and similarities of these houseplant housemates.

Antonio Forte: